EasyChannel’s Insights and Reports

Powerful insights enable you to view your multichannel ecommerce business on a macro level, and give you the data you need to grow and propel your business forward. EasyChannel brings diverse stats, data, and information together into simple, intuitive, easy-to-understand insights, so you can make the right decisions for your business.
Insights and Reports
Insight ElementInsight ElementInsight Element
Insights and Reports

Track Your Sales Performance Across all Channels and Gain Valuable Insights

The more sales channels you have, the more data you need to sift through to understand your selling trends. EasyChannel's order insights take the hassle out of data analysis by doing the hard part for you. EasyChannel tracks your sales performance on all your channels and creates simple insight reports for you.
EasyChannel Dashboard

Get insight into your sales and performance

EasyChannel's cross-channel integrated sales dashboard gives you a simple and straightforward view of your sales and performance. Easily customize your view to get the data you need at a glance, complete with sales-channel-specific metrics and stats.

Order Insights

A simple and intuitive graph view of your orders over time helps you better understand your sales trends, with key stats such as best-selling items and items that generated the most returns.

Sales Dashboard

An easy-to-understand chart outlining your sales on your selected selling channels, giving you a birds-eye view of your sales, plus key sales channel metrics that help you better understand your performance.
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Generate tailored reports to quickly view key metrics

Need a more customized reporting solution to track your key performance metrics? EasyChannel lets you do just that with a fully customizable and automatable reporting system. Automatically generate custom reports on a schedule, and even send them to email addresses of your choice automatically, and enjoy cross-channel insights that are fully tailored to your needs.
Generate automated listing reports.
Generate automated order reports.
Export your data to CSV files.
Generate custom reports and feeds beta
EasyChannel Reports


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Do you offer any free trials?
Absolutely! You can test out our services for 14 days with full access to all features, no credit card required.
How many listings can I manage with EasyChannel?
The number of listings you can manage will vary depending on the plan you select. No need to worry though, you can always upgrade to a plan that accommodates a higher amount of listings.
How many selling channels can I link to EasyChannel?
You can easily connect an unlimited number of selling channels through our integrations. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with as many accounts as you need.
Multichannel Selling Tools

EasyChannel’s Multichannel Selling Tools

EasyChannel offers ecommerce sellers the perfect combination of selling tools they need to sell on as many channels as they want, and without cluttering their workflow with things they don't. No matter how many selling channels you have, EasyChannel makes selling, listing, and managing your channels simpler in every way.
Listing Software

Listings Software

Creating, optimizing, and managing your listings on all your accounts and selling channels is now simpler than ever. List anywhere with the click of a button!
Data Management

Product Data Management

Edit your product data in bulk, either manually or automatically with rules, and ensure perfectly optimized product data on every channel with ease.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory, made easy. Prioritize warehouses, set limits for selling channels, group SKUs together to create bundles & kits, and much more!
Order Management

Order Management

View and manage all your orders from one place! Update tracking, generate invoices, issue refunds, and even handle buyer disputes from all selling channels.
Ecommerce Helpdesk

Ecommerce Helpdesk

Stay connected to all your customers with EasyChannel’s multichannel helpdesk, which has all the tools you need to ensure customer satisfaction.
Insights & Reports

Insights and Reports

Customizable insight reports help you sell better. Gain valuable insights with reports that give you the data you need, and leave out the data you don't.
CSV Import/Export

CSV Export and Import

Bulk actions save time and prevent errors. Use CSV imports and exports to create & update products, update order tracking, and more.
Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce Integrations

Easily connect Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Facebook, and more to EasyChannel and start selling everywhere!

Get more out of your multichannel business the easy way with EasyChannel!

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