EasyChannel’s Multichannel Listing Software

Unlock the power of multichannel selling without getting bogged down in the multichannel grind. EasyChannel enables you to manage all your selling channels from one place, making multichannel commerce easier, simpler, and more accessible than ever before.
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Multichannel Listing Software
Multichannel Listings

Start Selling with EasyChannel's Multichannel Listing Software in 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with EasyChannel's multi-channel listing software is super simple and ultra-fast. In just three simple steps, you can be ready to launch your multichannel ecommerce business, and sell on leading marketplaces and shopping carts alike.

Step 1: Sign up for EasyChannel and start adding your products!

Set up your EasyChannel account free of charge, and start creating your products on EasyChannel's catalog. Already selling on one or more sales channels? Simply import your listed products – product data and all – directly into EasyChannel!

Step 2: Integrate new channels and customize your products

To start selling on more channels, all you need to do is link them with EasyChannel. You'll be able to tailor product data for every channel and optimize your listings for each marketplace, so you get the most out of every selling channel, every time.

Step 3: Add products to new channels with just one click!

After setting up your product catalog, listing your products on your connected selling channels is just a click away. Select individual products for export, choose custom product groups, or export your whole catalog, and launch your multichannel business in just one click!

Level Up Your eCommerce Business with Simpler Multichannel Selling

Tap into your full multi-channel selling potential with EasyChannel's all-in-one suite of multichannel commerce features. Designed with ecommerce sellers in mind, EasyChannel offers straightforward integration with the internet's leading selling channels. Featuring complete multichannel support for all your selling needs, inventory and price sync, and simple order management. Sell smarter the simple way with EasyChannel, the only tool you'll ever need for managing your multichannel ecommerce business.
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No-Fuss Selling on the World's Leading Selling Channels

Selling on the internet's leading marketplaces, social commerce platforms, and shopping carts has never been simpler. EasyChannel integrates with the internet's most popular ecommerce sites, such as Amazon and Walmart, leading social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, and major shopping carts like Shopify and BigCommerce, so you're always right where your customers are.

Give EasyChannel a try and increase your sales today!

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Multichannel Listing Software
Multichannel Platform

Easily manage all of your listings from one easy-to-use platform

Keep all your listings looking (and selling!) their best on all your selling channels with our super-simple yet ultra-powerful multichannel listing software.
Create beautiful listings with unlimited optimization, and easily manage them with custom automations and rules.
Import from, export to, and integrate with the internet's leading sales channels, so you're always right where your buyers are.
Stay at the top of your selling game with smart insights, custom reports, and one-click bulk actions.
Price Sync

Keep prices up-to-date across all your sales channels with hands-off pricing automation

Enjoy truly hands-off pricing with easily customizable pricing rules.
Keep your pricing attractive to buyers with automatic rounding to ensure your item's price ends in .99
Want more customization? You'll be able to create custom listing templates to optimize your pricing even further.
Online Selling
Inventory Management
Inventory Sync

Keep stock levels in sync and up-to-date across your selling channels

EasyChannel is always hard at work keeping your stock up to date on all your selling channels, making sure your stock levels are always synced – even while you sleep!
Never oversell again thanks to real time stock quantity updates that keep your inventory synced across sales channels.
Determine what stock moves first with simple and straightforward warehouse prioritization across channels.
Your stock is yours, which is why EasyChannel enables you to keep it private by assigning maximum quantity limits for each sales channel.
Order Management

Easily view, manage, and fulfill all your orders from one place

Enjoy simplified order management with one order manager for all your channels.
View and filter orders with custom views, search for a specific order, and get quick access to the info you need.
Get actionable insights from your order data, and use them to stay a step ahead of the competition.
Update order tracking in bulk, change order status, manage returns, and even respond to disputes – all from one place.
Order Management


Get all the details about our product and billing right here. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us for help.
Do you offer any free trials?
Absolutely! You can test out our services for 14 days with full access to all features, no credit card required.
How many listings can I manage with EasyChannel?
The number of listings you can manage will vary depending on the plan you select. No need to worry though, you can always upgrade to a plan that accommodates a higher amount of listings.
How many selling channels can I link to EasyChannel?
You can easily connect an unlimited number of selling channels through our integrations. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with as many accounts as you need.
Multichannel Selling Tools

EasyChannel’s Multichannel Selling Tools

EasyChannel offers ecommerce sellers the perfect combination of selling tools they need to sell on as many channels as they want, and without cluttering their workflow with things they don't. No matter how many selling channels you have, EasyChannel makes selling, listing, and managing your channels simpler in every way.
Listing Software

Listings Software

Creating, optimizing, and managing your listings on all your accounts and selling channels is now simpler than ever. List anywhere with the click of a button!
Data Management

Product Data Management

Edit your product data in bulk, either manually or automatically with rules, and ensure perfectly optimized product data on every channel with ease.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory, made easy. Prioritize warehouses, set limits for selling channels, group SKUs together to create bundles & kits, and much more!
Order Management

Order Management

View and manage all your orders from one place! Update tracking, generate invoices, issue refunds, and even handle buyer disputes from all selling channels.
Ecommerce Helpdesk

Ecommerce Helpdesk

Stay connected to all your customers with EasyChannel’s multichannel helpdesk, which has all the tools you need to ensure customer satisfaction.
Insights & Reports

Insights and Reports

Customizable insight reports help you sell better. Gain valuable insights with reports that give you the data you need, and leave out the data you don't.
CSV Import/Export

CSV Export and Import

Bulk actions save time and prevent errors. Use CSV imports and exports to create & update products, update order tracking, and more.
Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce Integrations

Easily connect Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Facebook, and more to EasyChannel and start selling everywhere!

Get more out of your multichannel business the easy way with EasyChannel!

14-day free trial
No credit card needed!
Full access from day one
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