Amazon Error: Stranded Inventory

The "Stranded Inventory" error occurs when inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers is not linked to an active, buyable ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), preventing it from being sold.
Common Errors
Stranded Inventory

Error Description

The "Stranded Inventory" error on Amazon indicates that some of your inventory stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers is not currently associated with an active and buyable listing. This issue can occur due to various reasons, including listing errors, ASIN suppression, pricing issues, or policy violations. Stranded inventory results in unsellable stock that incurs storage fees without generating sales.

Common Causes of Stranded Inventory Error:

  1. Listing Errors: Mistakes in the product listing, such as incorrect SKU-ASIN mapping.
  2. ASIN Suppression: The ASIN has been suppressed due to policy violations, missing information, or quality issues.
  3. Pricing Issues: The product price is outside the acceptable range set by Amazon.
  4. Listing Inactivation: The listing has been deactivated or deleted while the inventory remains in the fulfillment center.
  5. Policy Violations: Non-compliance with Amazon’s policies, such as intellectual property violations or restricted product listings.

Error Solution

To resolve the "Stranded Inventory" error, follow these steps:

  1. Identify Stranded Inventory:
    • Log in to Amazon Seller Central.
    • Navigate to the "Inventory" tab and select "Manage Inventory."
    • Click on "Fix Stranded Inventory" to view the list of stranded inventory items.
  2. Determine the Cause:
    • Review the reasons provided by Amazon for each stranded inventory item. Common reasons include suppressed ASINs, listing errors, and pricing issues.
  3. Resolve Listing Errors:
    • Ensure that the SKU is correctly linked to the ASIN. Verify that all listing information is accurate and complete.
    • Correct any errors in the product listing, such as title, description, images, and product details.
  4. Address ASIN Suppression:
    • If the ASIN is suppressed, review the suppression reason and take the necessary actions to resolve it. This may include updating missing information, improving image quality, or correcting policy violations.
    • Resubmit the listing for approval if required.
  5. Fix Pricing Issues:
    • Ensure that the product price is within the acceptable range set by Amazon. Avoid prices that are too low or too high.
    • Update the pricing information to comply with Amazon’s pricing policies.
  6. Reactivate Listings:
    • If the listing was deactivated or deleted, reactivate it or create a new listing. Ensure that the new listing is correctly linked to the stranded inventory.
    • Verify that all listing details are accurate and comply with Amazon’s guidelines.
  7. Comply with Policies:
    • Ensure that the listing complies with all Amazon policies. Remove any prohibited content, resolve intellectual property issues, and adhere to category-specific requirements.
  8. Use the Fix Stranded Inventory Tool:
    • Utilize Amazon’s "Fix Stranded Inventory" tool to automatically link inventory to active listings. Follow the steps provided by Amazon to resolve the issue.
  9. Monitor Inventory Levels:
    • Regularly monitor your inventory levels and stranded inventory status. Use inventory management tools to keep track of stock and prevent future issues.
  10. Contact Amazon Seller Support:
    • If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact Amazon Seller Support for assistance. Provide detailed information about the stranded inventory and the steps you’ve taken to address it.

Pro Tip

Optimizing Inventory Management to Prevent Stranded Inventory:

  1. Use Inventory Management Software:
    • Invest in robust inventory management software that integrates with Amazon. This helps automate stock tracking, SKU-ASIN mapping, and inventory updates.
  2. Regularly Audit Listings:
    • Conduct regular audits of your product listings to ensure they are accurate and active. Verify that all SKUs are correctly linked to their respective ASINs.
  3. Maintain Consistent SKU-ASIN Mapping:
    • Ensure that each SKU is consistently mapped to the correct ASIN. Avoid making frequent changes to SKU-ASIN mappings to prevent errors.
  4. Monitor Account Health:
    • Regularly monitor your account health metrics, including listing quality, pricing issues, and policy compliance. Address any issues promptly to prevent ASIN suppression or listing deactivation.
  5. Set Up Alerts:
    • Set up alerts in Amazon Seller Central for stranded inventory notifications. This allows you to quickly identify and resolve issues as they arise.
  6. Engage with Seller Communities:
    • Participate in Amazon seller forums and communities to stay informed about common inventory management issues and solutions. Engaging with other sellers provides valuable insights.
  7. Utilize FBA Tools:
    • Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) tools to manage inventory efficiently. These tools provide valuable insights and help optimize inventory levels and fulfillment processes.
  8. Implement a Quality Control Process:
    • Establish a quality control process to review all product listings before submission. This helps catch and correct any issues that could lead to stranded inventory.
  9. Leverage Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):
    • If eligible, use Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ Content to provide detailed and enriched product information. This helps enhance the overall quality and visibility of your listings.
  10. Stay Updated with Amazon Policies:
    • Regularly review updates to Amazon’s policies and guidelines. Ensure that your listings are always in compliance with the latest standards.

By following these strategies and maintaining accurate inventory management practices, sellers can avoid the "Stranded Inventory" error, ensuring a smooth and efficient listing process on Amazon. Proper management of inventory not only helps in compliance but also enhances the overall reliability and visibility of your product listings.

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