TikTok Shop Error: 12052570 Product Price Exceeds Limit

The "Product Price Exceeds Limit" error occurs when the price specified for a product on TikTok Shop exceeds the maximum allowed limit set by the platform, preventing the listing or updating of the product.
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Product Price Exceeds Limit

Error Description

The "Product Price Exceeds Limit" error on TikTok Shop indicates that the price entered for a product listing is higher than the maximum price permitted by the platform’s guidelines. TikTok Shop sets these limits to ensure fair pricing, prevent listing of excessively priced items, and maintain a consistent shopping experience for users. Exceeding this limit can cause disruptions in listing products and may affect the seller’s ability to manage their inventory and sales.

Common Causes of Product Price Exceeds Limit Errors:

  1. High Product Price: Entering a price that surpasses the platform’s maximum allowable limit.
  2. Typographical Errors: Mistakes such as adding extra zeros or decimal points.
  3. Bulk Upload Errors: Errors in bulk upload files where product prices exceed the allowable limit.
  4. Incorrect Currency Conversion: Incorrectly converting prices from one currency to another, leading to excessively high prices.
  5. Misunderstanding Price Limits: Lack of awareness of TikTok Shop’s maximum price restrictions.

Error Solution

To resolve the "Product Price Exceeds Limit" error on TikTok Shop, follow these steps:

  1. Verify Price Limits:
    • Review TikTok Shop’s guidelines or documentation to understand the maximum allowed price limit for product listings.
    • Ensure you are aware of any variations in limits based on product categories or regions.
  2. Review and Edit Product Price:
    • Check the price entered for the product listing. If it exceeds the allowed limit, adjust the price to fall within the permissible range.
    • Ensure the price accurately reflects the product’s value and is competitive within the market.
  3. Correct Typographical Errors:
    • Review the price entry for any typographical errors, such as extra zeros or incorrect decimal points.
    • Correct any mistakes and re-enter the price accurately.
  4. Optimize Bulk Upload Files:
    • If using bulk upload tools, review and correct your CSV or Excel files to ensure product prices do not exceed the allowable limit.
    • Validate your bulk upload files before submission to prevent errors.
  5. Use Correct Currency Conversion:
    • If your prices are converted from another currency, ensure the conversion is accurate and does not result in an excessively high price.
    • Use reliable currency conversion tools to calculate the correct price.
  6. Refresh and Resubmit:
    • After editing the product price, refresh the product listing page and attempt to save or resubmit the listing.
    • Verify that the error has been resolved and that the listing is successfully updated.
  7. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:
    • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to ensure that you are viewing the most recent version of your listing.
    • Try using an incognito or private browsing mode to see if the issue persists.
  8. Contact TikTok Shop Support:
    • If you’ve tried all the above steps and still encounter issues, contact TikTok Shop support for assistance. Provide detailed information about the error and the steps you’ve taken to resolve it.
    • Engage with TikTok Shop forums and communities to seek advice from other sellers who might have faced similar issues.

Pro Tip

Advanced Strategies for Managing Product Prices:

  1. Implement Pricing Tools:
    • Use pricing management tools to automate and streamline the process of setting and updating product prices. These tools can help ensure that all prices comply with TikTok Shop’s limits.
    • Integrate pricing tools with your TikTok Shop to synchronize data and prevent errors.
  2. Standardize Pricing Strategies:
    • Develop and adhere to a standardized pricing strategy that takes into account TikTok Shop’s limits, market trends, and competitive pricing.
    • Use a combination of cost-plus pricing, competitive analysis, and value-based pricing to determine optimal prices.
  3. Monitor Currency Fluctuations:
    • If selling internationally, monitor currency fluctuations to ensure that your prices remain within limits after conversion.
    • Use real-time currency conversion tools to keep your prices accurate and competitive.
  4. Regularly Audit Prices:
    • Perform regular audits of your product prices to ensure ongoing compliance with TikTok Shop’s guidelines. Identify and correct any instances where prices exceed the allowable limit.
    • Use audit reports to track compliance and address any recurring issues.
  5. Educate Your Team:
    • Train your team on TikTok Shop’s pricing policies and the importance of adhering to price limits. Ensure they understand the guidelines and how to set compliant prices.
    • Provide guidelines and checklists to help your team review and update prices effectively.
  6. Leverage Market Analysis:
    • Conduct regular market analysis to understand pricing trends within your industry. Use this data to set competitive and compliant prices for your products.
    • Monitor competitor prices and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly.
  7. Use Discount and Promotion Tools:
    • Utilize TikTok Shop’s discount and promotion tools to offer competitive pricing without exceeding limits. This can help attract customers while maintaining compliance.
    • Plan and schedule promotions to ensure they align with your overall pricing strategy.
  8. Stay Updated with Platform Changes:
    • Regularly review TikTok Shop’s guidelines and updates regarding product pricing. Stay informed about any changes that might affect your pricing practices.
    • Participate in TikTok Shop forums and communities to learn from other sellers and share best practices.
  9. Implement Data Validation Rules:
    • Set up data validation rules within your inventory management system to ensure that product prices entered into your system comply with TikTok Shop’s limits. These rules can flag potential issues before the product listing is submitted.
    • Use validation scripts or tools to automatically check for compliance with platform guidelines.
  10. Maintain Clear Communication with Support:
    • Maintain open communication with TikTok Shop support. If you encounter frequent issues with price limits, discuss your concerns with support to gain a better understanding of the guidelines.
    • Document all communications for reference and follow-up.

By following these strategies and maintaining a proactive approach to managing product prices, sellers can minimize the risk of "Product Price Exceeds Limit" errors on TikTok Shop, ensuring accurate and compliant product listings. Proper price management not only helps in preventing errors but also enhances overall visibility, searchability, and sales performance on the platform.

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