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Unlocking eBay Success: Learn What to Sell on eBay in 2024

Unlocking eBay Success: What to Sell on eBay in 2024
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April 3, 2024

If you're familiar with eBay at all, you know that eBay is a vast marketplace with a seemingly endless array of listings selling practically everything under the sun. With hundreds of product categories and millions of listings, it can be difficult to know what to sell on eBay, even if you've already got some eBay selling experience. One reason for this is that the best things to sell on eBay are always changing, and there really is no right answer for every seller based on their selling preferences and needs. If you're here, you've probably decided that you want to sell on eBay, but you're stumped when it comes to the what. In this guide, we'll try to help you decide what to sell on eBay for profit based both on your selling needs and what sells best on the platform. Keep reading for a deep dive into what makes eBay a great selling platform, a top-15 list of the best-selling items on eBay, plus insider tips for successful eBay selling.  

what to sell on eBay

Introduction: Why eBay is a Great Platform for Selling

With the rise of mega online retail marketplaces like Amazon, social commerce platforms like Instagram, and niche-oriented platforms like Etsy, it may seem like eBay no longer has a place in the world of online selling. After all, what makes a shopper choose eBay over these marketplaces? The answer is a mix of eBay's shopping culture, the fact that it was the first major marketplace for individuals to list and sell online, and its immense reach that spans across the globe. In this section, we'll give a brief overview of the platform's popularity and reach today, and discuss some of the main advantages of selling on eBay.  

A Brief Overview of eBay's Popularity and Reach

eBay has been around for a long, long time. When the internet was just starting to become commonplace in every household, eBay became the first major online marketplace for private individuals to sell practically anything online. eBay started out in the United States, but quickly grew to a family of international sites, including eBay.co.uk, eBay.au, eBay.de, and many more. Today, eBay is available all over the world, with many sellers shipping internationally regardless of where they're based. The fact that eBay has long been an established household name coupled with its global reach makes eBay an incredibly popular marketplace worldwide, for buyers and sellers alike.  

Advantages of Selling on eBay

Aside from its immense popularity, selling on eBay has multiple advantages. First, eBay offers a selection of flexible selling formats, like Buy It Now, Best Offer, and Auction-Style listings, which makes for a marketplace that suits an especially wide variety of selling needs. Secondly, unlike larger marketplaces like Walmart and Amazon, all items sold on eBay are from third-party sellers, meaning that you'll never find yourself in direct competition against the very platform that's hosting your store.

Furthermore, eBay has recently launched a variety of seller-oriented tools and features designed to make it easier and more secure for sellers to list and sell on the platform. From eBay Authenticity Guarantee for safely selling everything from trading cards to high-end watches, to eBay Ads, an advertising platform for sellers who wish to promote their listings both on and off eBay, the marketplace has no shortage of seller tools that make for a rewarding and profitable selling experience.

15 Best Items to Sell on eBay

If you've decided you want to sell on eBay but are still not sure what you should sell, we've compiled a list of the 15 best-selling items on eBay in 2024. Note that these are listed in descending order, starting from the most popular product categories, and are meant to give you an idea of the kinds of products sell best on the marketplace. This is not a list of specific items to sell on eBay, but rather a list of top product categories that indicate what kinds of items are popular with buyers on eBay today. Keep reading to find out what type of items eBay buyers consistently look for when logging on to their eBay account.

1. Electronics and Gadgets

Electronics and gadgets are a big hit on eBay, but not necessarily in the way that you might think. Buyers on eBay aren't looking for the latest iPhone, but they are on the hunt for one from the previous generation in good condition; they're not looking for a brand-new computer, but they will hop on eBay to find a replacement charging cable for theirs.

2. Collectibles and Antiques

Keeping with its online garage sale roots, some of the best-selling items on eBay are those that give shoppers a sense of finding a diamond in the rough, something unique and one-of-a-kind at an attractive price. Unlike in the beginning days of eBay, however, both buyers and sellers enjoy marketplace protections like eBay Authenticity Guarantee and Seller Protection that ensure a safe and secure transaction for all kinds of collectibles and antiques.  

3. Vintage Clothing and Accessories

There is no shortage of secondhand marketplaces online these days, but none of them reign supreme in the world of vintage clothing and fashion accessories like eBay. The vintage connoisseurs already know that eBay is the place for truly unique vintage finds, and there is no shortage of sellers who run entire eBay Stores dedicated exclusively to selling vintage fashion.  

4. Home Decor and Furniture

Home décor and furniture are always in demand, but not many people know that they're always in demand on eBay too. Buyers are on the hunt for everything from light fixtures to throw pillows, garden furniture to smart kitchen organizers, and wall decals to art prints, making them a good and reliable option for selling on eBay to make money.

5. Sports Memorabilia

For sports fans, eBay is the place to find one-of-a-kind sports memorabilia. From signed jerseys to fan apparel and souvenirs, to sports trading cards and vintage sports memorabilia, eBay has it all. Plus, with eBay Authenticity Guarantee, buyers can be sure that the trading cards they purchase are authentic, and sellers can ensure that the returns they receive are the original and authentic item they sent out.

6. Toys and Games

Whether it's collectible figurines, board games for family game night, or educational toys for the little ones, eBay offers a wide selection of toys and games in varied product categories. With no shortage in buyer demand, toys and games are easy to ship and simple to list, making them a great choice for selling on eBay.

7. Handmade and Crafted Items

While not necessarily a product category, handmade items are always a hit with buyers on eBay. Shoppers are always on the lookout for something unique and one-of-a-kind, and what better than a specially-crafted handmade piece to fulfill that need. Handmade items can range from jewelry to home décor, making it a very broad category with virtually endless possibilities.

8. Designer and Luxury Goods

While there is no shortage of fashion-focused marketplaces in the world of online retail today, eBay still holds a considerable share of the ecommerce world's designer and luxury goods market. Plus, with eBay Authenticity Guarantee, buyers and sellers alike can buy and sell high-ticket items with confidence.

9. Books and Media

This category encompasses books, music, and movies in various formats, making it a great fit for all kinds of eBay sellers. Think everything from DVDs to magazines, vintage vinyl to secondhand CDs, physical books to tablets and e-readers.

10. Automotive Parts and Accessories

Automotive parts and accessories are such a huge market on eBay that eBay launched a sort of market-within-a-market known as eBay Motors to facilitate the sale of all things motorized, from cars to boats to parts. List and sell anything auto-related effortlessly with compatibility lists, and even sell vehicles through eBay!

11. Pet Supplies

People love to splurge on their pets, which makes all manner of pet supplies a perfect choice to sell on eBay. From pet toys to leashes, crates to grooming supplies, shoppers on eBay can find practically everything their pet needs in one place. A word of caution – make sure that the supplies you're selling are pet-safe and approved, and don't make any claims that are not backed by the manufacturer!

12. Musical Instruments

New or used, small or large, musical instruments are a sought-after commodity on eBay. Ranging from brass instruments to percussion, audio gear to guitars, there is no shortage of shoppers on eBay for all things music, audio, and sound.

13. Health and Wellness Products

Health, wellness, and beauty products are an ideal choice for selling on eBay. These items tend to be small and high-value, making them both lucrative to sell and relatively simple and cheap to ship. Think face creams, supplements, glasses, diabetes care, and more, health and wellness products are always in demand on eBay.

14. Home and Kitchen Appliances

Everyone loves a good deal on home gadgets and kitchen knickknacks, and what better place to find that perfect piece for the perfect price than on eBay. Sell anything from cutlery sets to lawnmowers, and tap into virtually limitless buyer demand.

15. Jewelry and Accessories

Bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and everything in between, jewelry is always a hit on eBay. From high-end pieces to simple yet one-of-a-kind handmade finds, eBay buyers are always on the hunt for the next piece of jewelry to elevate their outfits. Plus, for high-end jewelry made of precious metals and stones, sellers can take full advantage of the eBay Authenticity Guarantee to authenticate sold products and returns!

Tips for Selling Successfully on eBay

Successful selling on eBay comes down to more than just knowing what to sell on eBay for profit. Knowing what to sell is only half the battle; you'll need to know how to list, price, and market your products to ensure success in the long- and short-term. In this section, we'll cover some insider tips based on our experience in the world of ecommerce, and go over essential successful selling practices, like how to create optimized listings and how to formulate a pricing strategy that keeps you both profitable and competitive.

Optimized Product Listings

Creating optimize product listings simply means that you create your eBay product listings with eBay's search algorithm, Cassini, in mind. You want to optimize your listings for searches so that buyers have a better chance of finding your listings when they conduct a search on eBay. Across all marketplaces, this is done by creating quality listings that integrate keywords naturally into the text.

On eBay specifically, it means creating a keyword-optimized title first, then prioritizing high-quality item pictures, filling out all relevant item attributes and product identifiers, and finally using additional keywords in the description of your item. That's because this is the order in which Cassini "looks" at your listing when determining whether or not to match it with a buyer search query. eBay makes it even easier for sellers to further optimize their listings with a downloadable Listing Quality Report, available to sellers with a relatively high volume of listings and complete with concrete suggestions to improve your listings based on a variety of parameters and performance metrics.

Competitive Pricing Strategies

eBay's flexible listing options make it easy to create an optimized pricing strategy for your items without necessarily having to set a definitive price. That said, you should still have some kind of pricing strategy when determining the price for your eBay items. Any good pricing strategy begins with a solid understanding of the competition, based on market and competitor research. The best way to do this in our experience is to conduct a search on eBay using eBay's advance search tools, and filtering your results by sold/completed listings.

Find items to sell on eBay

This method is effective because it shows you how much buyers value the item in question, not how much other sellers (of varying degrees of experience) think their items are worth.

Once you have some market research under your belt in your specific sales niche, it will become much easier to price your items in a competitive and profitable way.

Utilizing eBay's Promotional Tools

eBay makes a wide range of promotional tools available to its sellers, ranging from eBay Store sales and promotions, to a selection of paid eBay Ads advertisements for promoting individual products, eBay has no shortage of promotional tools for all kinds of sellers with all ranges of advertising budgets.

Use eBay Ads to promote listings through PPC or commission-based paid advertising, launch sales for specific items or entire categories using the Promotions Dashboard, or open your listings to price negotiation with eBay's "Make Offer" feature.  

Providing High-Quality Customer Service

No matter how optimized your listings are or how much money you spend on eBay Ads, your eBay account won't last very long if you're not consistently providing stellar customer service. eBay measures its sellers on a variety of metrics, and poor performance on customer service related ones can lead to full on account suspension and banning from the platform.

Providing high-quality customer service doesn’t have to be particularly difficult; it simply requires a consistent approach that includes on-time replies, timely handling and processing of returns, and quick resolutions to claims and cases. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the customer service aspect of your eBay store, or if you simply know yourself to be a forgetful person who might accidentally let a buyer message slip through the cracks, consider using a customer service helpdesk to assist you. EasyChannel's helpdesk is especially useful for sellers with a high volume of buyer tickets, with integrated AI tools and built-in multichannel functionality that adapts to your needs and grows with your business.  

Sell on eBay with EasyChannel

Why Limit Yourself? Sell on Other Marketplaces Too!

eBay has no shortage of benefits, but ultimately, it's just one marketplace in a vast and ever-growing ecommerce landscape. Each marketplace, social commerce platform, and shopping cart platform has its own unique benefits. By selling on multiple sales channels simultaneously, you can take advantage of those benefits and gain a wider reach that enables you to be more visible to more buyers on more platforms, and to ultimately make more sales.

How can EasyChannel Help You Expand Your Reach?

EasyChannel was created to help sellers sell on multiple channels simultaneously, and enable them to do it easily and intuitively, without getting bogged down in cross-channel sync errors or overwhelmed with too many platforms. With EasyChannel, you'll be able to sell on eBay, and on nine more social commerce, marketplace, and shopping cart sales channels, instantly expanding your reach and helping you make more sales effortlessly. You'll be able to manage everything – from inventory to customer service – directly through EasyChannel, and enjoy seamless automatic integration between all your sales channels for worry-free multichannel selling.

Benefits of Selling on Multiple Marketplaces

When you sell on a single marketplace, be it eBay or any other online retail site, you're selling to the customers on that marketplace only. Most ecommerce shoppers, however, have a handful of preferred marketplaces they default to when shopping online. This means that you're missing out on a large swath of potential customers, and as such missing out on a significant number of potential sales.

Another benefit can be easily explained by the age-old adage: "don't put all your eggs in one basket." In the world of ecommerce, seller accounts on marketplaces and social commerce channels are ultimately subject to the whims of their host platforms. eBay can decide to suspend your account indefinitely in order to investigate a buyer's false claim of inauthenticity, just as Amazon can bar you from selling certain items at their own discretion. Having your only store suspended or severely limited can be a death blow to your ecommerce business, but if your business is diversified across many sales channels, one suspended or restricted account won't destroy your business.

Best things to sell on eBay

Final Thoughts & Key Takeaways: The Secret to eBay Success

Successful selling on eBay begins on knowing what to sell on eBay, and continues with a well thought out, multifaceted selling strategy that prioritizes quality listings and quality customer service. Furthermore, eBay sellers should consider expanding to additional marketplaces and sales channels, in order to reach a larger pool of customers and ensure the safety of their ecommerce business in the face of marketplace limitations and potential account restrictions.

Regardless of which sales channels you wish to sell on, or what you wish to sell on them, EasyChannel is the perfect tool for facilitating simple, seamless, and streamlined multichannel selling on eBay and on nine additional marketplaces, shopping carts, and social commerce channels. List and sell on eBay, while simultaneously selling on additional sales channels with virtually no effort!

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